PBT Also known as Polybutylene terephthalate is a semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic material within the polyester family of polymers.PBT is used in various industries including electronics, electrical and automotive sectors, it is found in various grades that are mainly suitable for injection molding processes.PBT is known for its strength, rigidity, reliability and excellent machining characteristics. PBT when reinforced with glass-fiber it demonstrates optimized properties and shows outstanding rigidity and excellent mechanical strength.


PBT key characteristics:

  • Excellent mechanical strength, hardness & toughness.

  • Stress resistance.

  • Good chemical resistance.

  • Low moisture absorption.

  • Good adhesion and welding ability.

  • Excellent dimensional stability.

Finally if you are a business owner using injection molding methods; PBT possess essential qualities that can serve you well in manufacturing.