The ideal choice for high-end engineering applications, used in the automotive sector, electric & electronic products, home appliances, office furniture, agriculture and construction.

Polyamides Also Known as (Nylon), are considered as high-performance engineering thermoplastics. The most used polyamides throughout the world are PA6 & PA66 both are generally used in different industries and applications owing to their outstanding performance and durability for required applications.PA6 & PA66 are semi-crystalline, used mainly in injection molding methods and known for being very high resistance to temperature & electricity.Polyamide 6 (PA6) Also Known as “Nylon 6” or “Polycaprolactam”Polyamide 6,6 (PA 6,6) Also Known as “Nylon 6,6”Some grades of polyamides are considered in metal replacements especially when reinforced with glass fiber. PA6 & PA66 key characteristics

  • At high temperature: possess high mechanical strength, hardness & toughness.
  • At low temperature: possess good impact toughness.
  • Very Good flow and sliding properties.
  • Good electrical insulating properties
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • Very good abrasion and wear resistance

In Spite of the fact that both PA6 & PA66 exhibit almost the same properties but PA66 is more rigid, higher temperature resistance, higher abrasion resistance, lower water absorption rate and own higher stretch recovery, more difficult to color and higher in price.